Kaotica Eyeball - Professionial sound booth on top of your microphone

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Kaotica Eyeball


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Professionally record your vocals anytime, anywhere, simply by placing the Eyeball on your microphone.

The Eyeball is acoustical treatment that isolates your microphone from the external environment. Rather than treating your surroundings, the Eyeball is designed to target the two most important variables in the recording process: your voice, and the microphone. By focusing your voice to an isolated microphone, the Eyeball is able to capture the complete spectrum of your voice and reduce much of the external environment, all the while giving you clear and concise vocals free of any coloration. Creating your ideal recording space is as easy as placing the Eyeball over your favorite microphone.

Control Your Sound
Captures your pure vocal tone without any coloration

Cut back on mixing
Lessens the need for excess equalization and post production processing

Integrated Pop-Filter
Includes a built-in, detachable pop filter

Reduce Ambiance and Reflection
Isolates and treats your space while reducing the external environment



Record Anywhere

- In your closet or a cave

Flame Retardant

- No tears! Smoke and choke around the Eyeball freely

No Stand, No Shock Mount, No Hassel

- Works with what you have: a microphone- Won’t tip over and knock you out

Works with most Vocal Microphones

- Bring out the best in your mic


- Don’t throw your back out! It weighs less than your microphone


- Dent resistant, won’t rust, Never needs Duct-Tape

A Practical Sound booth solution

- Eat eggs cuz you want to, not just for the tray- Stop stealing your grandma’s precious quilts

Integrated pop filter

- Spit all you want, only your voice reaches the microphone


Vocal Recording

- Professional
- Home
- On Location

Voice Overs


Jam Spaces


Frequency response: 0Hz - 30KHz +/-1.4dB
THD: 6.789%
Max Peak: 140dB
TL: 3.73dB (average)
Polar Patterns: Cardioid is recommended, but all types of polar patterns can be used with the Eyeball

Physical Specifications

Colour: Black
Diameter: 7.6”
Weight: 0.25lbs
Accessories: Blue premium pop filter insert
Fits most large diaphragm condenser microphones used for vocal recording (1.50” – 2.75” diameter). See FAQ section for examples
Made in USA
Warranty: 1 year limited

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Customer Reviews

  • out-f'ing-standing
    Review by shimmion 3/21/15 - usa
    Overall Score
    I've been recording 10+ years and have NEEDED this. Literally halves my engineering tweak times...in fact practically abolished need for extreme tweaking...too many pros to post so I'll leave by saying, I was out to get a compressor and ended up w this ...saving me A LOT of money! If you're New to engineering drop ya money you won't regret. If you're a vet...drop it....frfr

  • This thing may look funny, but it works!
    Review by Kenny Jameson 3/10/15 - USA
    Overall Score
    I set up my home studio in a walk in closet. I was looking at spending nearly $600 on acoustic foam. Someone suggested the Eyeball. I bought one and it does as advertised! I'm completely satisfied with this addition to my studio!
  • No post production needed
    Review by Stan Goreon 2/10/15 - Canada
    Overall Score
    Almost perfect....but you need an additional top address version. As soon as you've made this modification, I'll order more units! After all, everyone needs at least two Eyeballs.
  • Just what I needed
    Review by Jim Galipeauon 1/7/15 - USA
    Overall Score
    My son sent me a demo video of the Eyeball he found and I knew I "needed" it as soon as I saw it! I went to the website and did some research. I made the purchase and it arrived in just three days. My room was not ideal for recording my voice overs with a lot of ambient noise that I would have to edit out with Adobe Audition. I tried it as soon as it arrived and it has really cut down on my editing time and sounds great!
  • The Kaotica Eyeball is awesome
    Review by Ton 1/5/15 - United States of America
    Overall Score
    I have recorded numerous projects since i purchased the Kaotica Eyeball. Every single time i record, no matter what i record the sound from my microphone stays consistent. The sound is louder, much clearer, and more of my room is filtered out of my vocal mix, than would be if i only used a simple sound barrier. In short THE KAOTICA EYEBALL IS AWESOME!!!
  • Toimii !!! It works !!
    Review by Rikumoion 12/16/14 - Finland
    Overall Score
    Now i can really work anywhere i want.
    I'm a professional Finnish voice over since 1983,.
    To me this is a big relief just like mobile phone was when it gave you the freedom to leave your desk at the office..;)
  • It cuts out a lot of background noise.
    Review by Mickey Buckson 12/12/14 - USA
    Overall Score
    Honestly i think the eyeball is decent. For me it cut out a lot of background noise. i actually recorded a track yesterday just to play around and see how it sounds. i thought it sounded pretty professional. It makes a big difference for home recording or recording on the go.
  • Overall Score
    I'm just starting out as a voice actor and recently set up my home recording equipment. However, like most folks starting out in this business, I don't have the space (or the resources) to spend a lot of money lining the room I record in with sound-absorbent materials. I heard about the Kaotica Eyeball during a voice over webinar, and after doing more online research I decided to purchase it. I"m so glad that I did. It has greatly improved the quality of my recordings. Now I have the confidence to seriously pursue online auditions. I highly recommend it to anybody who has to record in less than ideal surroundings.
  • It Really Does The Job!
    Review by Bennieon 10/25/14 - U.S.A.
    Overall Score
    The Kaotica Eyeball lives up to all the reviews. Game Changer, Awesome, Must Have, Incredible, Amazing and Worth It! Those are some of the reviews I read before buying the Kaotica Eyeball. And I must say I really love it. It's like having a mini voice booth without the great expense. I am very happy with it and I would suggest it to my friends in the voice acting profession.
  • awesome works great when you get warmed up to it
    Review by geoon 10/21/14 - United States
    Overall Score
    Great product highly recommended
    Review by ColeMizeStudioson 10/15/14 - United States
    Overall Score
    I received my eyeball about 6 months ago and it has not been taken off my microphone ever since. I previously was using a Prime Acoustic Voxguard but after carefully studying my recordings I noticed I was getting coloration and mud. I quit using it before I even heard of the Eyeball. At first I thought it's claims was kind of a stretch when I read statements like "captures your pure vocal tone without ANY coloration". I must say that now I am a believer! I love this thing! My recordings sound so much better and you would think I dropped a few grand on a new mic by the huge difference the Eyeball makes. My recordings are sounding like what I once had to tweak during mixing to achieve. The eyeball has taken a big work load off of me by simply giving me a stellar isolated area to capture pure recordings. It's very light weight, flush & doesn't wobble "unlike my voxguard" and I love the way this looks...it's sexy! This thing is a game changer and I could not recommend it more highly!
  • Fantastic solution to my 'echo-y room' problem
    Review by Lisa Larson-Kelleyon 10/5/14 - USA
    Overall Score
    Finally! A self-contained, non-intrusive solution to my audio issues. At first the price seemed a bit high, but I can tell you it was worth every penny to not have to cobble together a whole booth for recording my online courses. I can see my screen while I'm recording, and I'm very happy with the reduction in room echo and outside noises (I'm on a bus route). Highly recommend!
  • Awesome product
    Review by Protoolsguruon 9/30/14 - USA
    Overall Score
    Started using the moment I got this and noticed a more focused and clean sound. Proximity effect minimized and the sound of the space I put the artist in didn't matter anymore. Very pleased with this product
  • Must Have
    Review by TAZon 8/20/14 - United States
    Overall Score
    The Kaotica Eyeball did not dissapoint. It has been a great addition to my studio. Now is time to create.
  • Incredible.
    Review by Justin Sheppardon 8/6/14 - Canada
    Overall Score
    Hands down one of the best investments I've made into my music. Just stacked 100 takes of vocals without my horrible room sound.
  • It's NOT a Scuba Helmet!
    Review by Voxon 8/6/14 - United States
    Overall Score
    I bought the Eyeball on the recommendation of a friend in the voice over industry. Since I travel a lot, I needed a better solution to noise isolation than just using the pillows and cushions in my hotel room...LOL Using my studio condenser with the Eyeball gives me a floor noise nearly as low as in my home studio. I hesitated over the price but, decided to give it a try. Super glad I did! I love my Kaotica Eyeball! I even use it in my vocal booth for added ambient isolation. www.voxominous.com
  • Awesome but....
    Review by KCon 6/15/14 - USA
    Overall Score
    Picked one of these up at AES last year and it's FREAKING FANTASTIC! Especially for modern recording when you're not always in a studio. My only gripe is they should make one for front address mics like the SM-7, RE-20 and PR-40. Voiceover people stand the most to gain from a product like this but it's current design doesn't account for these mics that are pretty standard for broadcast. I record a lot of singers with my SM-7 and would love to use the eyeball with that mic. I would totally buy another if it were offered in a front address design.
  • Worth It!
    Review by Phi Kingon 4/17/14 - United States
    Overall Score
    I bought the eyeball because I got a chance to see it in action last year at the 2013 AES Convention in NYC. I was amazed at how it captures the fullness and clarity of the vocal being recorded. It's a great product and you can use it anywhere. I recommend it.
  • Overall Score
    I LOVE the Eyeball because it is helping me fulfill my dream of being able to duplicate the same acoustical sound of my home studio voiceover booth by using a 2nd Eyeball for recording in a hotel when traveling. I have not put it through all of its testing, but plan to, as travel opportunities arise. From this demonstration video, you can see that I use the same mic (AT4033) for home and mobile use. You will see in the video link how I use if professionally for auditions with a setup next to my EZ chair. And in just the last week I dared to try in for some real jobs - some car spots, an industrial narration - and get this: even a documentary narration! No complaints from the clients - the best "test pass" so far. But I DO notice through experimentation that I have to watch proximity and other adjustments depending on the energy level of the project. WIndscreen does its job but with the AT4033, but I find that reading into the Eyeball with mouth aimed toward the base of the mic and just a hair of address to the side gives a bit of a fuller sound, for me anyway.
    See what you think of my brief demo:
  • Amazing
    Review by Aleyaon 3/30/14 - United States
    Overall Score
    I wish I had know about the eyeball before I built my double baffled sound room. This device is amazing. OMG! It makes any mic sound fabulous. Even if you have a sound room it improves the quality of the recording exponentially. It cuts out airplane noise, dogs barking, trucks going down the road, the sound of the world. A motorcycle right outside - it does not work for. But distant sounds that are annoying and not super loud - it cuts those sounds right out!! A must for any and all recording artists. It is small and really easy to travel with and is so perfect.
  • Awesome!
    Review by Mike Kayloron 3/30/14 - United States
    Overall Score
    For such a simple device, it works wonders on your vocals! Much cheaper and takes up far less room than a vocal booth, that's for sure.
  • It really works!
    Review by Miguel Alejandro Torreson 3/28/14 - Mexico
    Overall Score
    I was a little skeptical about it at first. When something new comes out, you don't really know how good it is until you try it. Turns out it really works.
  • Cool
    Review by Jonathan Bennedsenon 3/27/14 - Denmark
    Overall Score
    World great,
    And the cool design fits our studio.

  • Doesn't get much better than this.
    Review by Ema Rodzon 3/27/14 - United States
    Overall Score
    The Eyeball is an amazing tool. I use it for pre-production as well as for tracking final vocals. Amazing up front sounding vocals no matter where you go.
  • Ansioso
    Review by Vamo alémon 2/19/14 - Brasil
    Overall Score
    Mal posso esperar para gravar minhas novas musicas no Kaotica Eyeball.
  • A Definite Game Changer
    Review by Cleonon 1/28/14 - Trinidad and Tobago
    Overall Score
    Finally I can get vocal detail without unwanted room tone. The first time I put on the the headphones with the eyeball on the microphone I heard detail that I never heard before. My vocalists couldn't believe how much clearer the same microphone we had been using a while now sounded. But the real game changer came when mixing. Instead of having to eq out annoying frequencies laced with room tone I could just just apply compression and do light eqing and voila a sweet present detailed vocal tone. My friend heard the difference and bought one immediately. USD200 is a great investment for the time I saved in editing and the satisfaction of vocal clarity I now experience.
  • Studio Quality
    Review by Prolonged Ambienceon 9/29/13 - Canada
    Overall Score
    You put your microphone into it while recording your vocals and it gives you spot on studio grade quality every time without the need of a sound proof booth. It's sick how much the difference is
  • Love this thing!
    Review by Pilot Audio Recording Serviceson 9/26/13 - Canada
    Overall Score
    My favorite uses have been, Female vocals, strong male vocals Ie: Hip hop. Right in front of a kick with a large diaphragm condenser and anything recorded outdoors