Tracking Vocals?

Lose the blankets!

Lose the foam!

Eliminate the set up!

treat your space
and record
with the Kaotica

Kaotica Eyeball Skybox demo - vocal booth
Whether you are recording vocals at home or in the studio, the Kaotica Eyeball is designed to bring out the best in your vocals and your recording space.


Control your sound and get out of the vocal booth

The Eyeball reduces your external environment allowing you to produce quality vocal recordings anywhere you can set up a microphone. This means you no longer have to be constrained to any space. It’s like having your own portable studio booth.


The ability to create great sounding vocals at your fingertips

Whether you are an acoustic treatment expert, professional audio engineer, or have minimal knowledge of recording and sound reinforcement, the Eyeball is a practical and affordable solution for recording vocals.


Get it right the first time

Clear and consistent right from the start. The Eyeball enables you to get the most out of your recording sessions by capturing only the pure vocal tone. Simplify the mixing and mastering process by reducing the need for excess equalization and post production processing.

Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball
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I got mines, you got yours? Prefect for that studio on the go. #Traveling, #Networking state to state. It's a must have! #Naztre #Kaotica #Eyeball #Music #Lifestyle #Recording #StudioOnTheGo @naztre
Kaotica Eyeball shared Naztre Maloney's photo.
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 28 February 2015, 15:24
RT @VerbalX: Thanks for the rt @kaoticaeyeball awesome product!
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 28 February 2015, 15:19
Live from the C.O.E wit my Kaotica Eyeball! Quality is a must #TopFlightEnt #Fresh #COE #quality #music
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Williams Aaron damn i see you
28 February 2015, 10:19
Manny Wills Manny Wills 28 February 2015, 05:53
RT @VerbalX: Fellow VO artists if you're looking for a solution for your mobile recording needs, check out @kaoticaeyeball Impressive and r…
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 27 February 2015, 08:08
I got mines, you got yours? Prefect for that studio on the go. #Traveling, #Networking state to state. It's a must have! #Naztre #Kaotica #Eyeball #Music #Lifestyle #Recording #StudioOnTheGo @naztre
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Diana Longoria I needs some new gear. .
27 February 2015, 15:25
Naztre Maloney Naztre Maloney 26 February 2015, 22:47
l8ye- Losing (prod.GigaHD This was using my old mic with the Kaotica Eyeball it helped cancel out a lot of noise outside of the place I was recording in. Definitely would Recommend it to people I can only imagine how much the quality will be even better when my new mic comes in
Phil El Phil El 26 February 2015, 17:51
Balling it up with Kaotica and PayPal

No interest credit if paid in full in 6 or 9 months

Get what you want....

Photo Credit : Camp Vox
Kaotica Eyeball with Lisa Biggs
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Terry 'StylishStudio' Williams Where do u order this at ?
28 February 2015, 09:53
Jeremy Wills How much are the kaotica eyeball??
26 February 2015, 21:10
Jason Vincent So I can make payments on a kaotica eyeball?
26 February 2015, 15:28
Jason Vincent Man sense I havent applied for anything credit ever im not able to do it. No credit history and they wont approve.
26 February 2015, 17:40
Paul Stewart I highly recommend them. I have one, and it's the cheapest way to get the best sound out of your mic, for the biggest bang for your buck...
26 February 2015, 22:15
Chesley Ames So it's just a super bad ass pop filter/sound booth for your microphone? Lol. Where can I look into this and possibly purchase.
27 February 2015, 01:24
Ricky Harris Just got mine💯💯💯
27 February 2015, 07:18
Chris FirstClass Sills Stick Up we need it son
27 February 2015, 15:10
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 26 February 2015, 15:01
Milk & Honey
The Only Truth is Music - Jack Kerouac
What do you guys think about the statement is this true in 2015?
Kaotica Eyeball shared Milk & Honey's photo.
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Milk & Honey 200%
27 February 2015, 04:08
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 26 February 2015, 14:41
Janet Jackson - Go Deep (Tchami Remix)
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 24 February 2015, 14:46
RT @MannFresh74: Live from the C.O.E. Wit my @kaoticaeyeball ....quality is a must! #TopFlightEnt #Fresh #COE #quality #music
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 24 February 2015, 12:08

Word on the street

If every home recording that showed up on YouTube or Vimeo or as a podcast started using the Eyeball with a condenser mic, the Internet could be a much more pleasant place to listen to.
Per Lichtman
(Soundbytes Music Magazine)

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