Tracking Vocals?

Lose the blankets!

Lose the foam!

Eliminate the set up!

treat your space
and record
with the Kaotica

Kaotica Eyeball vocal booth
Whether you are recording vocals at home or in the studio, the Kaotica Eyeball is designed to bring out the best in your vocals and your recording space.


Control your sound and get out of the vocal booth

The Eyeball reduces your external environment allowing you to produce quality vocal recordings anywhere you can set up a microphone. This means you no longer have to be constrained to any space. It’s like having your own portable studio booth.


The ability to create great sounding vocals at your fingertips

Whether you are an acoustic treatment expert, professional audio engineer, or have minimal knowledge of recording and sound reinforcement, the Eyeball is a practical and affordable solution for recording vocals.


Get it right the first time

Clear and consistent right from the start. The Eyeball enables you to get the most out of your recording sessions by capturing only the pure vocal tone. Simplify the mixing and mastering process by reducing the need for excess equalization and post production processing.

Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball
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@IronChefTWR no doubt
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 30 August 2014, 00:59
Kaotica Eyeball commented on a photo.
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 29 August 2014, 18:44
I tried out your "Eyeball" with my wife singing harmony near the cooling fans in the very back of my control room. I was amazed at how intact the vocal still was and how the background noise was almost completely diminished to a point that I was able to use them on a record. Way to go! Nice product!
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Kaotica Eyeball Your welcome, enjoy the Eyeball ;)...thank you for letting us by part of your sound.
29 August 2014, 18:44
Randy Kohrs Array
28 August 2014, 16:45
Randy Kohrs Randy Kohrs 28 August 2014, 16:45
Hey all, I'm expecting my Kaotica Eyeball today. Yahoo!!
Wanted to know any input re: USB microphone - suggestions - setting- Using USB Samson Co3U Multi-Pattern USB Studio Condenser.
Many Thanks
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Kaotica Eyeball Hey Micheal, Thanks for reaching out to us. We don't really recommend USB mics for recording. The most popular for use with VO's is the Apogee mic We do recommend almost any XLR microphones here are a couple of good ones - This xlr microphone is great - This microphone is comparable to the TLM 103 at 1/4th of the cost Peace, Olivia
29 August 2014, 18:56
Michael Holthuysen Michael Holthuysen 27 August 2014, 10:24
i want to buy one, could you send it to me? i live in Colombia? how much does it costs? how much for sending it? please writte me back
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Kaotica Eyeball Hey Guillermo, Thanks for contacting us. Shipping is only $18.49USD to Colombia or we do have a local distributor Peace, Olivia
29 August 2014, 19:00
Guillermo Valencia Guillermo Valencia 27 August 2014, 01:54
Kaotica Eyeball commented on a post.
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 23 August 2014, 03:13
Hey guys ! I just received my eyeball and was very pleased with the incredibly fast Shipping however I was dissapointed with the eyeball itself. Perhaps my expectations were too high? I don't know, but I left my studio, went in to a small bedroom and popped on the eyeball. I heard a lot of room echo that was very present in the recording. Is the eyeball just meant to reduce loud outdoor sounds perhaps and not take down a whole lot of room ambience ? I was really hoping this eyeball would let me leave my studio and record anywhere in the house. Thoughts guys ? I'm using a at2020 condenser mic
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Kaotica Eyeball Hey Brett, Please direct message us and we will get one of our engineers to give you a call. USB mics are a little tricky ;)
23 August 2014, 03:13
Brett Olsen Absolutely :)
23 August 2014, 12:33
Brett Olsen Brett Olsen 22 August 2014, 19:00
@MikePaineShow It's a little more then a windscreen ;) although unfortunately it will not fit around your microphone due to it's odd shape
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 22 August 2014, 01:43
@MikePaineShow fantastic, what type of mic do you have?
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 22 August 2014, 01:34
What more can we say, that the cat hasn't said?
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Brenda Rivera Melly Mel
28 August 2014, 08:02
Brian Kroywen Brown Glass Lozano
30 August 2014, 00:15
Jordan Greer Katelynn Ryan
28 August 2014, 17:40
Lamar Craig Harris Yes it is Abby !
28 August 2014, 12:16
Melly Mel This is awesome!!! Adam Gates
28 August 2014, 08:07
Adam Gates Sharing.
28 August 2014, 08:07
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 21 August 2014, 21:56

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If every home recording that showed up on YouTube or Vimeo or as a podcast started using the Eyeball with a condenser mic, the Internet could be a much more pleasant place to listen to.
Per Lichtman
(Soundbytes Music Magazine)

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