Tracking Vocals?

Lose the blankets!

Lose the foam!

Eliminate the set up!

treat your space
and record
with the Kaotica

Kaotica Eyeball Sky Box Demo - vocal booth
Whether you are recording vocals at home or in the studio, the Kaotica Eyeball is designed to bring out the best in your vocals and your recording space.


Control your sound and get out of the vocal booth

The Eyeball reduces your external environment allowing you to produce quality vocal recordings anywhere you can set up a microphone. This means you no longer have to be constrained to any space. It’s like having your own portable studio booth.


The ability to create great sounding vocals at your fingertips

Whether you are an acoustic treatment expert, professional audio engineer, or have minimal knowledge of recording and sound reinforcement, the Eyeball is a practical and affordable solution for recording vocals.


Get it right the first time

Clear and consistent right from the start. The Eyeball enables you to get the most out of your recording sessions by capturing only the pure vocal tone. Simplify the mixing and mastering process by reducing the need for excess equalization and post production processing.

Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball
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@DameRev They're handy especially for hip-hop
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 26 July 2015, 18:36
RT @robbiebronniman: @kaoticaeyeball getting a workout tonight on new vocal track ... The simple ideas are often the best!
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 26 July 2015, 18:34
Akg 214 and eyeball with blue pop screen killing it .

Wesley Young Wesley Young 26 July 2015, 15:25
Record a platinum hit with your dog in the living room.

Kelsea Ballerini - Love me Like you mean it

Available on: Itunes + Amazon
Comments: 4
Trevin Thorobredsleep Cunningham need help tryn to get my song to 1k views
27 July 2015, 21:03
Christopher Moody Aaaaahhhhh.....well let's get it!! Alysha Campbell
27 July 2015, 10:42
Alysha Campbell Christopher Moody this is what I wanted to show you
27 July 2015, 10:09
Daveon Fisher Marques
27 July 2015, 02:54
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 24 July 2015, 14:55

All Day Every Day

With:Andrea Daniel
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 20 July 2015, 21:08
@WhatUKnowDoe holler at us through our webpage
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 20 July 2015, 20:04
Where can I get this eyeball
Comments: 1
Kaotica Eyeball Thanks for reaching out. You pick one up at and it will arrive in the couple of business days.
20 July 2015, 13:43
Carlos Bankston Carlos Bankston 19 July 2015, 18:54
Lady Antebellum about to lay out a track...
Kaotica Eyeball added 2 new photos.
Comments: 9
Harvey Buck where can i buy this in canda?
16 July 2015, 02:15
Danielle Rae Its not a mic. Its foam that goes over the mic you buy.
27 July 2015, 20:19
Mario Luna Man I need this mic
23 July 2015, 20:22
Zack Skyskrape Simmons I went to school with these cats at Lakeside High in Augusta, Ga.!
16 July 2015, 21:04
Sizz TheProducer Fero Tracks
27 July 2015, 01:56
Linden Butler And I don't even have ONE guitar...
20 July 2015, 11:31
Kyle Larsen Lady racism?
23 July 2015, 06:37
B Dot DaGod Khalifa How much they want for the ball?
19 July 2015, 21:25
Mecca Mobley Can you set up a meet for us
20 July 2015, 14:19
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 16 July 2015, 02:14
Glen Sobel on the drums and Alice's time to get Medieval if that's where you're inspired.

Where are you inspired to record?
Comments: 22
Derrick Cisneros I'd love to be able to record in Keith Richards castle like Zeppelin did! What an opportunity, and the acoustics definitely paid off.
24 July 2015, 07:54
Michelle Hermansen Love mine!!! Great photo
19 July 2015, 10:31
Vinny Clark could of saved me money on building a booth
24 July 2015, 04:09
Daveon Fisher In the opens of Jamaica outside like bob Marley!
19 July 2015, 15:31
Jerod Alexander I NEED ONE!!! ASAP!!!
19 July 2015, 13:55
Bezzy B Tha Brain that shit look crazy!!!
17 July 2015, 08:34
Gav Brewis Over rated
26 July 2015, 07:17
AK Street Um tryna record
21 July 2015, 17:13
Robert Mejia Mine comes in two days
16 July 2015, 23:43
Fabian Dudley UPERRR. Hpizzy say
19 July 2015, 10:17
Quentin Jasha Hooper Don Q Richardson this what I was talking about
26 July 2015, 22:58
Johnny Phelps Boss
23 July 2015, 19:55
Aaron Burright Greg Fender's house.
24 July 2015, 03:19
Mixx Mob TypicalHawaiians Thomson
24 July 2015, 15:01
Sef Tobacco Dre Undra Adams
15 July 2015, 20:53
Jeff Stew Benefit show
22 July 2015, 18:52
BeatGuru Mef Christopher Leak Adams
24 July 2015, 17:15
Trenity Tecniques Bezzy B Tha Brain
16 July 2015, 21:23
Primero Nuestro Dios GeoThe Messenger Steven Scuba VeraShaun Phen
23 July 2015, 03:07
Bugatti Carter Missy Elliot-The Rain(Drew and Bugatti Karter Cov…:
22 July 2015, 05:36
Ero Ghanah Please Like My Page, We're Living In Rough Times And I'm Slowly Yet Surly Is Playing My Part To Spread Jesus And Positivity To Them Who Have An Ear Thank You And Stay Blessed,
24 July 2015, 12:47
Ero Ghanah Please Like My Page, We're Living In Rough Times And I'm Slowly Yet Surly Is Playing My Part To Spread Jesus And Positivity To Them Who Have An Ear Thank You And Stay Blessed,
24 July 2015, 12:47
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 15 July 2015, 10:36
Sean C Kennedy about to layout out this track at Sonic Vista Studios

Acoustic Isolation for your microphone - anywhere

Comments: 4
Kevin Kp Patrick How can I get 1
13 July 2015, 09:38
Southeast CityBoi is the sound quaility better than having a booth.
17 July 2015, 07:58
Paul Tonmann Aleister Hunt ecco il coso che ti stavo dicendo l'altra volta, isola, un po' il microfono dall'esterno
08 July 2015, 13:55
Vincent OoWee Mike
23 July 2015, 17:40
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 08 July 2015, 13:45

Word on the street

If every home recording that showed up on YouTube or Vimeo or as a podcast started using the Eyeball with a condenser mic, the Internet could be a much more pleasant place to listen to.
Per Lichtman
(Soundbytes Music Magazine)

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