Tracking Vocals?

Lose the blankets!

Lose the foam!

Eliminate the set up!

treat your space
and record
with the Kaotica

Kaotica Eyeball Skybox demo - vocal booth
Whether you are recording vocals at home or in the studio, the Kaotica Eyeball is designed to bring out the best in your vocals and your recording space.


Control your sound and get out of the vocal booth

The Eyeball reduces your external environment allowing you to produce quality vocal recordings anywhere you can set up a microphone. This means you no longer have to be constrained to any space. It’s like having your own portable studio booth.


The ability to create great sounding vocals at your fingertips

Whether you are an acoustic treatment expert, professional audio engineer, or have minimal knowledge of recording and sound reinforcement, the Eyeball is a practical and affordable solution for recording vocals.


Get it right the first time

Clear and consistent right from the start. The Eyeball enables you to get the most out of your recording sessions by capturing only the pure vocal tone. Simplify the mixing and mastering process by reducing the need for excess equalization and post production processing.

Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball
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Control room vocals at The Panda Studios

Feel inspired to record anywhere!
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 20 April 2015, 19:31
Yariel Mtz Ayala this is dope!
Hector Ayala Hector Ayala 18 April 2015, 14:15
RT @jahmalpadmore: tracking w. @ProgressRedPill & @kjforshort the @kaoticaeyeball CHANGING THE GAME
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 16 April 2015, 14:22
@jahmalpadmore @ProgressRedPill @kjforshort Changing the #Game
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 16 April 2015, 14:22
Is there any problem with vibration (specifically trains--sometimes multiple engines)? I live about half a mile or so from the train tracks. I would like to be able to set up my mic on a desktop stand. Train traffic is not constant, but so often is right when I need or want to record VO. I really, really one to get the Kaotica Eyeball.
Comments: 1
Kaotica Eyeball Hey Celia, Thanks for reaching out. Your going to have issues with structure born vibrations caused by the trains which go up through your desk into a mic. We recommend purchasing and stand with a shockmount and then placing the Eyeball on the shock mount which will decouple it further. We can recommend you some products and a mic if need be.
16 April 2015, 12:23
Celia Frazier Hudler Celia Frazier Hudler 16 April 2015, 12:22
@DiBritanniaV Hey Richard, That mics a bit to thick for the Eyeball @5.31inches the Eyeball works with up to 2.75" so 95% of other mics
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 15 April 2015, 14:09
I cannot wait to hear what the Kaotica Eyeball is capable of in the studio.
El-rico PuppetMaster Aerts El-rico PuppetMaster Aerts 15 April 2015, 00:25
Stanley Fisher VO
Love using my Kaotica Eyeball! #quality
Kaotica Eyeball shared Stanley Fisher VO's photo.
Comments: 16
AJ Friar Just got mine Friday! Plan on using it tonight!!
18 April 2015, 15:50
Stanley Fisher VO Thanks for the shared photo! That is pretty cool!
14 April 2015, 17:35
MrWyoming Reid Where you get one?
17 April 2015, 10:24
Rogue Warden Yeahh! That izz a badass mic
15 April 2015, 12:38
Anthony Felix How much was that Mic
19 April 2015, 19:20
De'Andre Washington Aye Kevin Kevo Borum what's this
15 April 2015, 15:30
Marvin MptheMc Peters Declaime Thepoet this is all we need!!!
15 April 2015, 15:13
Jean-francois Levesque chek sa C-metrik Musiquebec
17 April 2015, 10:53
Shawn Push Freligh Phil Watson,Ronnie D Hunt,Semaron Lawson we need one of these asap
18 April 2015, 15:36
Quincy Jones How much are these? And where do I get it from? Twin Jerome we need one if these
20 April 2015, 14:09
TJ Trill Joey Calvin
18 April 2015, 19:38
Carter Blanche Tragic Loc
18 April 2015, 23:54
Nevi Brandan Young Lee
14 April 2015, 20:21
Eduardo Caraballo Jul Huntley
19 April 2015, 22:49
Eduardo Caraballo Zach Loomis
19 April 2015, 22:48
Spartatraxx Kratos Joshua Jdiggidy Ramos
19 April 2015, 17:44
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 14 April 2015, 16:32
Love using my Kaotica Eyeball! #quality
Comments: 1
Cowitz Jean-Marie Charlot Jr Tomél CleverGemz Waters
19 April 2015, 16:47
Stanley Fisher VO Stanley Fisher VO 14 April 2015, 16:28
Eyeball + Ipad + Mic + The Record Button
Kaotica Eyeball with Skhokho Ngenentweni
Comments: 25
Stax Benjaminz What is that around the Mic called someone?
14 April 2015, 16:07
Marcão Nunes Great in my Home Studio
14 April 2015, 18:50
Jaytizal Okc What is the iPad for?
15 April 2015, 17:27
Alandis Troutman I'm getting this saving already give me a week
20 April 2015, 09:33
Nicki Get Witit I want dis
18 April 2015, 08:19
James Green Hats off brah we checking you out!!!!IM in the fan club.Keep it up fam.!!!!
19 April 2015, 09:15
Lamar Marlydamangler Williams Kaotic eyeball
17 April 2015, 13:49
Nestor Javier Sabogal Toro SEA TU PRECENCIA
15 April 2015, 19:56
Leo Dan Ramirez Macias Wao Que vacan
15 April 2015, 21:09
Doyle Rowland There you go again brah!
16 April 2015, 21:13
Ken Wiggs How much?
15 April 2015, 21:18
Bombstic Mc What is that araund the mic ?!
15 April 2015, 00:21
Drew Martin Damn I want it. Where can I get that
18 April 2015, 13:45
Bong'Star YD Phambaniso I'm attached
15 April 2015, 22:43
Calvin Larcher eyeball is cooool
19 April 2015, 10:40
Jerry Martin Jr. That is the bizz
19 April 2015, 12:04
Tyrone Thomas I need this badly
18 April 2015, 22:15
Amir Mubarak Forgot the headphone! 😜
15 April 2015, 12:55
Tdi Rodriguez Fire!!!
18 April 2015, 20:47
April Lea I want one of these so bad!
15 April 2015, 13:10
Hachitodj Quibdó #Improjam JPM apoyemos Al Chocoano, comparte con tus amigos . entre los 8 mejores de latinoamérica Ver "Johan Andrés Mosquera - JMP - IMPROJAM" en YouTube -
16 April 2015, 21:11
Stu Scaggs Hey Stuart , this is that piece of gear I had asked if you were familiar with!
15 April 2015, 13:14
Distinguished Gents Yes
14 April 2015, 16:21
Sebastian Zambrano :Q____
16 April 2015, 12:55
Jake Nathagreat Millz What's good my dudeGeorge G-Mulah Williams
18 April 2015, 16:04
Kaotica Eyeball Kaotica Eyeball 14 April 2015, 16:03

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If every home recording that showed up on YouTube or Vimeo or as a podcast started using the Eyeball with a condenser mic, the Internet could be a much more pleasant place to listen to.
Per Lichtman
(Soundbytes Music Magazine)

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